Why SWave Institute

Our Education and Technological vision

I believe education needs a new course.

We have to build high education as a first-class professional tool.

We need the students to graduate fully prepared to work in their chosen profession.

We need to build our students as the next world leaders


SWave Institute and Technology aspire to become a global leader in changing the way we teach and learn.

Our mission is not only to accelerate and optimized high education in the 21st century but to show the way for anyone who seeks a better and different way of learning.

Arch. Arik TalOr 

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Team Meeting

SWave & Serrenissima Ltd.

SWave Institute is the education division of Serenissima Ltd, An R&D and entrepreneurship company.

Established in 1999 by Arch. Arik Talor (B.Design, B.Arch from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design). Arik is the owner and CEO of the company since its foundation.

Arik is the founder and CEO of SWave,

who created SWaveInstitute & SWave Technology with the goal of developing the education system of the future. 

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